Having a furry companion is about so much more than just sharing your home with an animal. It’s about friendship, camaraderie, loyalty and unconditional love. It’s about putting another creature’s needs before your own; opening your heart and bearing your soul. It’s about communicating without words, a pat of the head, a scratch behind the ear, a wag of the tail or that deep, throaty purr.

Nobody understands this special bond you share with your pet better than our team. Why? Because beyond all of our training, education and experience, each one of us has our very own animal family member with whom we share our lives. We know firsthand the joys and the sorrows that come along with caring for a pet. That’s why we are able to provide such a high level of service to our clients and patients. Because we’ve stood where you stand. We’ve been there.

If you’re new to the area, recently welcomed a pet companion to your family or are just searching for an experienced veterinarian that will provide you and your loved one with the respect and compassion you both deserve, we invite you to come by and give us a try.

We started our animal hospital in January 2013, when we completed construction of our full service, state-of-the-art integrative veterinary clinic in the Tylerville area of Haddam. We are proud to be offering comprehensive medical & diagnostic services in the practice or in the comfort of your home. We offer
 in-home care on a limited basis for an additional charge for clients in a 15 mile radius of Haddam. Most clinics rarely offer house calls because of the travel time back and forth, the need to bring additional medicines, equipment, and staff to catch, restrain, and perform examinations or vaccines for your pets in a non sterile environment. Many things can happen outside of the practice that we try to plan for prior to leaving on a house call.

We are now, Adorable Pets Veterinary Center. We offer comprehensive medical, dental, diagnostic, surgical services, and integrative veterinary medicine like pet acupuncture,

Chinese Herbs, Veterinary Manual Manipulation, and outside specialists. Add to that a dedicated team that is ready, willing and able to provide your pet with a lifetime of quality care.

What are you waiting for? We're open everyday by appointment.  Sorry no walk-ins, but emergencies are triaged and may be seen or referred as necessary.


Give us a call at 860-554-5588 to schedule your pet’s first appointment.


We can’t wait to meet you!

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