When a person gets sick or suffers some type of injury, they simply head to the doctor for treatment. It’s often pretty easy and straightforward to diagnose and treat human conditions, mainly because we are able to communicate with our physicians.

When pets get sick or become injured, on the other hand, it can be quite challenging to identify and diagnose the problem – especially if the ailment isn’t easily detected on the surface of the skin. What’s more, because animals can’t speak, they can’t tell us what’s bothering them, point to where it hurts or explain their symptoms.

It’s up to us, as pet parents and veterinary professionals, to recognize the signs of a potential health concern so it can be diagnosed and treated in the most timely and effective way possible. We accomplish this through innovative tools and technology known as veterinary diagnostics.

Diagnostics allow us to learn what’s happening inside your pet’s body so that we can take the appropriate measures to get them back on the path to good health again. Adorable Pets Veterinary Center offers a broad spectrum of diagnostic services to manage the ongoing health of our patients.

These services include routine laboratory testing, such as blood work and urinalysis, as well as more advanced techniques, like digital radiology (x-ray).

If your animal friend hasn’t been acting like his or her normal self lately and you suspect an underlying illness or injury may be the cause, don’t hesitate to schedule a diagnostic evaluation.

The sooner we are able to determine what the problem is, the better the chances of a positive outcome.

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Imagine going weeks, months or even years without brushing your teeth. Chances are you wouldn’t be feeling very healthy. In fact, you’d be downright miserable.

If you’re not providing your pet with proper dental care – that is, daily brushing and visits to the vet at least once a year for an exam and cleaning – he or she is experiencing the same unpleasant results. More importantly, your pet could suffer from dangerous health consequences as a result.

Without the proper care, dental problems can lead to a host of other health issues, some of which could even shorten the time you get to enjoy with your pet. Beyond the obvious bad breath and yellow teeth, your pet could develop dental disease, which can spread infection throughout the entire body.

Yet despite the seriousness of pet dental care, it remains one of the most often neglected component of pet care. An estimated 85% of adult dogs and cats suffer from dental disease by the time they reach the age of two years old.

The good news is, you can prevent your pet from becoming a part of these alarming statistics by making a commitment to ongoing dental care – both professional and at home.

At Adorable Pets Veterinary Center, dentistry is our specialty. We offer complete pet dentistry services, including routine preventative care as well as advanced treatment for existing oral health problems.

Some of the signs that your pet
may be sufferingfrom a dental
problem include:

Bad breath
Excessive drooling
Yellow, missing or broken teeth
Red, inflamed or bleeding gums
Pain when touched near the mouth
Difficulty chewing food or toys
Change in eating habits
Rubbing or pawing at the face
Unexplained weight loss







If you notice any of these symptoms, please call us right away to schedule a dental appointment. In the absence of obvious signs of dental problems, we still recommend that you bring your pet in for a thorough exam and cleaning at least once a year. This will allow us to monitor your companion’s oral health and address any potential concerns before they can develop into a more serious and costly problem.

We will also provide advice and guidance on the important role you play as your pet’s caregiver. Annual cleanings aren’t always enough to keep plaque and tartar at bay. It’s up to you to continue the work that we start by brushing your pet’s teeth at least three times a week. Need a demonstration? No problem – all you have to do is ask. We’re happy to help!

To help your pet maintain strong teeth and healthy gums, we may also recommend the following:
• Special chew toys that are designed to reduce tartar build up
• Feed special dental care diet
• Use treats and chews that are formulated to support good dental health
If you want your pet to enjoy a long, healthy life – and we know you do – don’t neglect his or her dental health. Let’s work together to help your four-legged friend enjoy a healthy smile for life!

Call about scheduling a dental screening appointment and ask about our dental wellness plan.




It’s amazing how four simple words are enough to strike fear into the heart of any pet parent.

“Your pet needs surgery.”

Finding out that your cherished companion must undergo a surgical procedure, whether routine or complex, can be a time filled with anxiety and uncertainty. You want to be sure your loved one will receive the best possible care, and that his or her safety and comfort will be accounted for at all times.

At Adorable Pets Veterinary Center, we understand the many questions and concerns that you have, and we want to place your mind at ease. Each one of us has been in your shoes, which is why we work so hard to ensure that every surgery performed in our hospital is a stress-free and positive an experience as possible.

We offer a variety of general surgical procedures, all performed to the highest standards of care, using the most up to date equipment and techniques.


Before moving forward with any operation, your pet will be carefully evaluated to ensure that he or she is healthy enough to proceed. We never want to place our patients at any unnecessary risk, so we take every measure to prepare ahead of time. The more we plan ahead, the smoother the surgery will go, which is always our goal.

When it’s time for your pet’s surgery, we will spend some time making them comfortable and preparing them for sedation. Our hospital uses only the safest and most effective anesthetic products, and we tailor our pain management approach to each patient. That means that your pet will be both comfortable and safe at all times while in our care.

During Surgery…

During your pet’s surgery, Dr. Bernie will work with great precision and care to complete the procedure as efficiently as possible. Our care team will remain on hand – before, during and following surgery – to monitor your companion’s well being using the most modern equipment available.

Post-Surgical Care…

Once surgery has concluded, we will carefully relocate your pet to our quiet recovery area. Someone from our team will reach out to you to explain how everything went, discuss any findings and arrange for you to come retrieve your pet. When you arrive to bring your companion home, aftercare instructions will be explained fully. We want to help get your pet on the road to a full and speedy recovery.

If you recently found out your cherished pet needs surgery, there’s no need to panic – especially when you’ve got the team at Adorable Pets Veterinary Center in your corner. Rest assured that your loved one will be in caring, capable hands with us! Please call us at 860-554-5588 for more information.