Bad Breath, Slobbering Drool, and Yucky Germs

Bad breath, slobbering drool, and yucky germs are not attractive for people or pets. How disgusting it is to be stuck in the house or car when you cannot open any windows for fresh air! Not only do you not want a pet with bad breath slobbering all over you and your belongings, you definitely don't want the gazillion germs that are being dispersed. If that's not bad enough, you probably don’t realize that bad breath usually suggests a larger and more serious problem. Look at the 13 1/2 year old poodle mix mouth photo below and you can see that this pet’s bad breath is due to severe dental tartar which is causing inflammation of the gums and could be causing serious problems below the gum line. In addition, bacteria from this diseased mouth can spread to the heart, lungs, liver, or kidneys and cause illness.

Before Dental Procedure Picture – 13 ½ year old poodle mix

Veterinary dental services are now widely available, but like any service you must know what you are paying for and why. Some clients are drawn to anesthesia free dental cleaning because they believe it will be cheaper for them and safer for their pet. Would you ever consider having your teeth cleaned and root canal or a tooth pulled without anesthesia? You have to understand that you put your pet at increased risk with anesthesia free dental services. Without anesthesia pets must be physically restrained in order to provide access to the animal’s teeth. Fluffy is just not going to willingly keep her mouth open while a stranger scrapes her teeth. Remember that in order to properly clean your pet’s teeth, a veterinary technician will have to use a SHARP instrument to remove plaque from the visible part of the tooth. Do you always find this procedure comfortable at your dental appointment? Most likely your pet will not either.

At the end of an anesthesia free dental procedure, your pet’s teeth may appear whiter. But this can be smoke and mirrors. With no anesthesia there is no way to clean beneath the gum line, where the bacteria that causes periodontal disease occurs and where extensive damage to tooth roots and supporting bone structure occurs.


At Adorable Pets Veterinary Center we ensure that all dental procedures are performed in compliance with the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) guidelines. Before any anesthesia procedure, we perform a physical examination and require screening blood work. A trained certified veterinary technician monitors the patient during the procedure which includes full mouth dental radiographs, full mouth oral examination, dental cleaning, scaling and polishing as well as any dental extractions.

After Dental Procedure Picture - same 13 1/2 year old poodle mix

This pet’s bad breath is gone, his teeth are whiter but more importantly he has a HEALTHY mouth which will help him live a longer and healthier life. He is now more kissable and you are proud to have other people see his shiny white teeth and smell his fresh breath. He still might slobber though because he is an adorable pet! Call us at 860-554-5588 to schedule a dental consultation and learn more about your pet's well being.


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